The central unit in the county detention center, according to a senior doctor suspected and additional enrichment provided permits to use cannabis only rpoaiachokri (ימ”ר) in the county detention center doctor this morning (64) from Tel Aviv, Director of the Medical Center in central Israel, suspected that provided recommendations for obtaining permits and using cannabis for medical bribes. Together with his partner arrested the doctor’s accomplice, a resident of PFOS (36), and extensive network of 10 members of the brokers that have to find customers.

According to the doctor, specialist in anesthesia in pain in a hospital, and his partner, he was in contact with intermediaries and clients, engaged in building medical records and recommendations submitted to the medical cannabis at the Health Ministry in Exchange for thousands of dollars.

The investigation raises the suspicion that in addition to the doctor and his partner, dealt with the dozens mediate in finding potential customers in a member, leads with client to rest and receive medical cannabis. The suspects will be brought today to extend their detention in a court in Rishon Lezion.

Central District Commander, major general Moti Cohen: “there is suspicion, for money, and suspected the seized weapons around reducing suffering State approved it for use in patients, and actually established drug supply line

Translated from Hebrew