Dozens of Teens Take Part in E. Jerusalem Cleanup Op
Photo: Yoav Goell

A cleanup activity that took place on an East Jerusalem hill was aimed at raising residents’ awareness about the dangers of littering and burning waste. The activity was organized in the neighborhood of Ras al’Amud by the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Jerusalem District office and by the Jerusalem Municipality. Dozens of high school students and other neighborhood teenagers took part in the cleanup operation on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.

Dozens of Teens Take Part in E. Jerusalem Cleanup Op
Dozens of trash bags were filled during the cleanup activity. They were then collected by the Jerusalem Municipality’s sanitation department.
Ras al’Amud, like other East Jerusalem neighborhoods, suffers from poor infrastructure and lack of services. Municipal garbage collection, for example, is lacking. As such, residents tend to litter or to burn their waste, causing environmental and health problems.
Some 22,500 people live in Ras al’Amud.