22 key drug suspects were arrested after an undercover investigation. According to the suspicions made hundreds of deals, mostly with soldiers and narimrsht drug trade and brokerage revealed after
Undercover investigation of monthly special investigation team space. In a mixed network, among others, soldiers
Most residents of IDF and boys, Jacob.

Earlier this month, having collected sufficient evidence, the investigation
By Shay רס״ר Ramla station level, become visible and began making arrests and searches in schools
Suspected drug assistance rectangular and practical equipment. At the end of the operation arrested 22 drug traffickers and seized quantities
Sam from different types such as UM. um, cocaine, LSD, etc.

The investigation team was able to uncover a mechanism that many funds graph fat addition to loans on the black market. According to
Hundreds were suspected drug transactions for a long time and worth hundreds of thousands of shekels. A large part of
Trade was carried out with soldiers in military bases.

These days have been filed and will be served summonses and requests
Into custody until the end of the proceedings against the suspects. The investigation was by the District Attorney and the State Attorney’s Office Center

Translated from Hebrew