Pollution from Bus, Haifa. Photo: Ilan Malester

Emission Tests Results in Removal of 27 Polluting Cars in Haifa Bay
Pollution from Bus, Haifa 
Photo: Ilan Malester 

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) are working to clean up the air in and around Haifa. During spot emission exhaust tests conducted last week, one out of every eight cars that was checked was found to be polluted. Drivers of those vehicles were instructed to take them off the road until they brought the cars up to the standards. In total, some 200 cars were checked, 27 cars were removed from the roads, and 19 drivers were fined. The highest fine that was given was NIS 1,000.

​The spot checks were conducted on Wednesday, December 17th, in cooperation with the Israel Police. Specific areas that were targeted were: Dolphin Junction, Nahal Giborim Road, Dania Junction, the Bar Yehuda Bridge, and Beit Rimon. Most of the polluted cars were found on Nahal Giborim Road in the Haifa Bay area.

Deputy Environmental Protection Minister Ofir Akunis: "During my first meeting with the MoEP’s management, I already instructed them to fight against pollution from vehciles that are not up to standards, and thus harm the health of drivers and pedestrians. We will fight against air pollution in Haifa Bay, whether it is emitted from factory chimneys or from the exhaust of cars that are not up to standard."

Some of the cars that were found to be polluting were also found to have serious safety risks. The MoEP notes it will continue with these types of enforcement activities in order to rid the streets of polluting vehicles and to ensure clean air for residents of Israel.