Erdan and Ukraine’s Eduard Stavytskyi Credit: Adam Schalimtzek

Environmental Protection Minister and Ukrainian counterpart promote environmental cooperation
Erdan and Ukraine's Eduard Stavytskyi
Credit: Adam Schalimtzek
​Minister Erdan met on Thursday, November 15, with Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Eduard Stavytskyi, during the latter official’s visit to Israel. As part of efforts to institute cooperation between the countries, the ministers discussed the development of natural gas resources, wastewater treatment, waste management, and steps that can be taken to make the agricultural industry more environmentally-friendly.

​MK Erdan and Minister Stavytskyi expressed readiness to significantly advance the exchange of information in the aforementioned fields, as well as in the field of river restoration. Erdan noted that the State of Israel is interested in strengthening relations with Ukraine in all areas, particularly with regards to the environment.

Israel and Ukraine signed an agreement on environmental cooperation in 1996.