On 7-Nov-13, the fifth work meeting of the Public Committee for Updating the Health Services Basket for 2014 was held.
At the meeting, committee members considered oncologic medications for solid tumors as well as medications for the treatment of HIV carriers and rheumatology (diseases of the joints).
Among the medications brought up for discussion were medications for cancer patients for the treatment of brain, lung, metastatic breast tumors; gyneco-oncologic, prostate, urinary tract and kidney, skin tumors; GIST (tumor originating from connective tissue) of the digestive system (stomach, intestine and pancreas). Additionally, medications were discussed for the treatment of HIV carriers, as well as rheumatology- including medications for joint disease, gout and lupus. Some of the medications that were brought up for discussion are new, and some are already included in the Health Basket, and are candidates for a new indication.
The Committee’s recommendations as to ranking the levels of priority will be publicized on the Ministry of Health website in the next few days.
Next Monday, 11-Nov-13 at 7:00, the Health Services Basket Committee’s next meeting will be held in the Sherman Building on the campus of Tel Hashomer Hospital. The meeting will deal with prioritizing medications for the treatment of rheumatic, eye and psychiatric illnesses, and medical technologies.