The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has issued an order for the destruction of five restaurants on the Rishon LeZion beach, in accordance with a court’s decision. Over the past few years, the eateries have expanded on public property without obtaining building permits. The construction has damaged the coastal environment and has limited the public’s ability to move freely and affected its right to use the beach.

​Illegal construction in the restaurants includes the addition of pergolas, wood floors, and concrete facilities. This building harms the natural ecosystem of the beach, the landscape, and preservation of the coastal environment.

A few months ago, the MoEP notified the restaurant owners that they must remove all illegal construction, in accordance with the ministry’s coastal policies to ensure public accessibility to beaches and to act against those who take over public beaches. The case was taken to court. A judge ruled that the illegal structures will be removed by the end of April, saying, "Those seeking to maximize their profits by operating eateries in violation of the permits issued to them not only critically damage the coastal environment, but also undermine the public’s right to freely access beaches."

The five restaurants affected by the court’s order are: "Sea Breeze," "Night Beach," 4×4," "South Beach," and "The Pacific Coast."