“Good morning.

The Cabinet will discuss the law on implementing the Disengagement Plan.  I want to thank Justice Ministry Director-General Aharon Abramovitch and the other members of the Evacuation-Compensation Committee for their excellent work in preparing the law.  This is a detailed and thorough draft that has already been discussed and approved by the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet.

The law will – as much as possible – ease conditions for the settlers who are to be evacuated and I am certain that even those who oppose the Disengagement Plan will not want to make things difficult for the settlers. Next week, the law will be submitted for its first Knesset reading.

On another matter, tabled before the Cabinet today is a plan for strengthening the city of Sderot and the communities around the Gaza Strip. This plan adds NIS 80 million worth of special assistance; this is in continuation of the Government’s assistance to these communities over the past two years.

The Government of Israel sees Sderot and the communities around the Gaza Strip as national assets.  The goal of the plan is to strengthen their residents, encourage new populations to come to the area, promote local industry and create a high quality of life.  I want to thank the ministers and Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Ilan Cohen, who worked together to advance the plan.”