As part of the NATO Committee of the Medical Chief of Military Medical Services (COMEDS), the IDF Medical Corps will host Surgeon Generals and senior medical officers from NATO member countries between May 21st and May 25th.

For the First Time Ever, COMEDS Conference to Be Held in Israel

COMEDS is chaired by Brigadier General Dr. Rob Van Der Meer from the Netherlands. COMEDS promotes international cooperation between NATO member countries and partners in the fields of military medicine, disaster medicine and humanitarian medicine. This is the first time in which the conference is being held in a non-NATO member country outside Europe – an event which has an eminent value in the international aspect.

The conference will include lectures, discussions, a variety of panels and a display of Israel’s capabilities to aid in international disasters and humanitarian crises. In addition, participants will observe a large-scale Home Front Command & Medical Corps exercise in the Sorokah Hospital in Beersheba which will display Israeli capabilities to contend with home front emergencies. The exercise will simulate a non-conventional missile landing in Israel.

The conference will be concluded at a gala event to be held in Tel Aviv. The NATO generals and their spouses, the IDF Chief of the Technology and Logistics Branch, Major General Kobi Barak, and the IDF Surgeon General, Brigadier General Dr. Yitshak Kreiss, as well as other senior officers, will participate in the event as well.