A sniper in Gaza shot and killed an Israeli civilian Tuesday morning. Salah Shukri Abu Latyef, 22, from Rahat, was doing maintenance work on the Israel-Gaza security in the northern Gaza Strip. He was evacuated to a nearby hospital by an IAF aircraft but died of his injuries.

In response, IAF aircrafts and IDF (Zahal) tanks and infantry retaliated and targeted terror sites in the Gaza Strip. The sites targeted were a weapon manufacturing facility and a terror infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip, a terror site and another terror infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip, and a concealed rocket launcher in the northern Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed.

Terror on the rise

Incidents like this are, unfortunately, becoming more frequent.

Last Thursday, a rocket from Gaza was fired into Israel. Then on Friday, there were riots in Gaza and several attempts to infiltrate the security fence. On Saturday, an attempt by terrorists to breach. Earlier last week, December 15, a sniper from Lebanon killed Major Sergeant Shlomi Cohen.

“There may be a terror operation anywhere”

In a recent interview with Al Aqsa TV, the Hamas regime’s official station, senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Ahmed Almadalel praised the recent attempted terror attack in the Israeli city of Bat Yam. Almadalel told the interviewer that “there are many operations such as this – carried out by lone individuals or organizations – and it only stresses the fact that the conflict with the Zionist enemy is far from over.”

“There may be a [terror] operation anywhere,” he went on to say. “I believe that the acts will continue and we would like to stress, as ever, that we are on the verge of a huge explosion in the face of our Zionist enemy for its crimes against our people.”

Gazan Sniper Kills Israeli Civilian

Senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Ahmed Almadalel

The Israel Defense Forces will not tolerate aggression against the State of Israel and maintains the right to protect Israel’s civilians and soldiers.