​State of Israel exposes worldwide CNN International audience to its environmental leadership

​Israel advertises its green technology edge to strengthen its image as a "Green Country". The campaign is a result of cooperation between the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This campaign is also the first to be employed in such a scale.
The campaign went live, not coincidentally, on June 20, 2012 – the day UN Rio+20 Conference for Sustainable Development began its meetings in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. During the conference, 50,000 participants from around the world, including the 70-strong Israeli delegation, will discuss the pressing environmental issues on the world agenda. Israeli delegation includes representatives of the government, private sector and NGOs, and is headed by the Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Gilad Erdan.
Today, on June 21, Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Minister Erdan for relentless activity the Ministry of Environmental protection has been leading to promote the green agenda in Israel, thus assisting Israel’s image as a world leader in employing green technologies.
During the CNN campaign, "Green Israel" ads will run next to weather reports. The ads emphasize Israel’s’ lead in environmental technologies, used extensively around the world. Among other achievements, Israel is the world leader in desalinization – 40% of Israeli drinking water comes from this source. Israel is also a world leader in reused water – 70% of Israel’s sewage is recycled and used for irrigation in the agriculture sector.
Prime Minister Netanyahu commented: "Israel is presenting the world with innovative green technologies and the goal of the campaign is to present immense capabilities of Israel in the environmental field."
Environmental Protection Minister Erdan added:" Israel has the solutions for the challenges the world is facing today, like deficit of food and water. The CNN campaign positions Israel from International point of view, as a world leader in green innovation".
Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman confirmed that the Ministry is acting to strengthen the factor of global agendas in Israeli foreign policy, and this is emphasized by Israel’s’ deep involvement in preparations for Rio+20 conference. Israel is striving to share the knowledge, the expertise and the innovative technology with the developing world, in the spirit of friendship and good will, and also as a strategic statehood tool according with the foreign policy goals.
Here is one example of the ads to be shown as part of the campaign