Activity of majestic warriors down the station led to the exposure of drug lab session. Two suspects nazeroshoteri Yehuda majestic station Jerusalem spotted today (Wednesday) a major drug laboratory in one of the seats near Beit Shemesh. The concept is a result of investigative and intelligence activities is composed and adopted that led today to carry out the RAID on the market.

The cloaked in a two-storey house in which was surrounded by a bamboo fence high on suspected was intended to hide the activity being performed instead. The lower floor was modified and adapted to the State of the art laboratory. The changes included installing ducts, industrial structure, and more. In addition, the police tracked the ateprsa hydro lab over six rooms in the apartment. Each room was implemented step by raising drug from the growth stage implantation to seedlings.

The apartment seized 200 seedlings of suspected marijuana and a long cultivation equipment used in advanced laboratory conditions such as lighting, fertilizers, irrigation equipment, etc.

Mateh Yehuda station officers of the two suspects arrested Jerusalem Jazz who were young in the 1930s South resident and his resident country Center. The two were detained for questioning and brought at the end of the Court to extend the detention.

Station commander Yehuda Netanel סנ״צ Ilan: the station operates with determination against drug cultivation and effect of drug Labs in communities adjacent to Beit Shemesh, perceived as relatively secluded place to perform criminal activity. The concept is another step of Yehuda against drug cultivation and distribution.

Translated from Hebrew