The investigation indicates that the suspect took security systems in strategic places in town for azatoshvat, active in the 1940s, was arrested three weeks ago on suspicion of contacts with terrorists ran in Gaza. This allowed today for publication after a joint investigation of the main unit (ימ”ר) and space.

The suspect was arrested at Erez crossing while returning from Gaza after visit where her husband, a resident of the Gaza Strip, and was transferred to interrogation. (V) be served against her indictment and detention until the end of the proceedings.

The investigation revealed that in 2014, while residing in the Gaza Strip, met the suspect with Hizbullah Mujahideen who pay their financial obligations if you make multiple actions in Israel. After express consent is asked to shoot the video security systems at the train station in Haifa, the Haifa Port and strategic locations in the city.

Another cost of the investigation because the suspect managed to shoot some places using her cell phone and handed the photos to make them was about during the fling went in. He also revealed that participated in training camp and expressed written consent to carry out an attack in the future.

Translated from Hebrew