2.12.15 date there will be a morning run in memory of Chief Craig. A few streets are blocked to traffic in Haifa finished airthant preparedness for torch race hosted by Navy training base in memory of Bob accommodation is to be held on Wednesday between 9:30 am The race runners participating districts and police units and the naval training base.

The race starts at the University of Haifa, passes along his Chief coordinates, and ends at the Navy training base. For the race will be closed to block roads and develop gradually with the progress. Along the axes and nodes will be the intention of the Police Department’s traffic.

The main routes which will be running:
Abba hushi, horev, Yotam, first fruits, the President, and Dagwood.,, tchernichovsky, Edmund Brook road, ג’ורס France, Pierre Koenig, the anchor, the Avenue, Salvador, Allenby road, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, the Second aliyah, Charles Lutz.

Translated from Hebrew