On 29-Jul-15, a handover ceremony between incoming and outgoing Director General of the Ministry of Health was held ​

The following addressed the ceremony:
  • Deputy Minister of Health – Rabbi Yakov Litzman
  • Incoming Director General of the Ministry of Health – Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov
  • Outgoing Director General of the Ministry of Health – Prof. Arnon Afek. 
Deputy Minister Litzman’s address: 
I see working and engaging in the field of health as a lofty value, in which I am able to help people, and this is close to my heart, in parallel with advancing the health system in Israel.
The incoming Director General, Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, has many merits. I will mention one of them. When I wished to introduce the dental reform, Moshe was the only person who supported the dental reform for children; he said to me, “Go for it – you will make history.” I will not forget this, it is rare these days to promise and also to deliver. He knows how to work hard, and most importantly, he is a decent human being. He is professional, with rare talent. There is a need to put things in order in the Ministry of Health, in hospitals, in HMOs (kupot cholim), to prepare work plans. He is effecting revolutions already in the few weeks that he has been in the Ministry.
I wish to thank Moshe Bar Siman Tov, the incoming Director General, who is coming to work with me, and to thank the outgoing Director General, Prof. Arnon Afek, for the past one-and-a-half years, for hard and outstanding work in a period that was very much not easy, and I wish him success in his continued work, together we will work and succeed.
From the address of Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, the incoming Director General:
The most significant and impressive thing, of which I had been aware of only partially, is the quality of the people in the Ministry. I have worked with many Ministries, and in general I think that the quality of the public service is much higher than its image, but the standard of the human resources in the Ministry arouses very great admiration. 
The system is an essential component of the State’s ability to maintain long term social solidarity. In the unwritten treaty between the State and the residents – a strong and functioning public health system is one of the main components that we are obliged to provide. No less than defense, education or other public systems. 
An additional central challenge is the need to work to strengthen the connection between the various social systems in order to provide a complete and improved response for residents – first and foremost – to work in coordination with the education system and with the social affairs system. The reciprocal influence between the systems is very large, and the ability to assure better health and better social benefit for the population by means of cooperation between systems – is enormous. We must take this issue one step forward. 
We have already announced that we wish to establish a Hospitals Division in the Ministry, instead of a Hospitalization Authority. Administrative and governability mechanisms vis-à-vis the hospitalization system must be upgraded and be suited to the current reality. We are committed to finding the resources needed by the system, but at the same time, we must ensure proper management of the resources at a national level. 
All management starts with management of human resources – and I am happy that there are superb and challenging human resources in the system.  It is a great responsibility and privilege to be working with you all. 
I wish to thank the Deputy Ministry of Health very much for being prepared to appoint me as Director General of the Ministry. It is a great privilege to head the Ministry and the system and to work at your side. Your choosing me is not to be taken for granted, and required you to deal with many fronts. I thank you very much for this. 
I have said on a number of occasions – I do not see this role as a springboard towards another role – but rather, as a professional summit. I have come here to work to strengthen the public system, cooperating and joining forces with the other parties in the system.
From the address of Prof. Arnon Afek, the outgoing Director General:
Many thanks to all of you.
The position of Director General involves great responsibility. My term as Director General was very stormy.
I merited working under 3 Ministers: German, Hanegbi, Litzman. Litzman showed us how to help all people.
We have put two reforms through – the Mental Health Reform – we succeeded. It unifies and body and mind; we worked on it together.
The Transparency Reform – for the first time we publicized quality indicators; we began collecting data on resistant infections, we advanced the response to stroke, we worked on the nation diabetes epidemic program.
It was important for me to create a culture of dialogue between health bodies, governmental ministries.
We have advanced the healthcare professions, there is much more work to be done, there must be an improvement in the way that immigrants from France are dealt with, this is a defensive bureaucracy.
Regarding Moshe, the incoming Director General – we managed the effecting of the Hadassah agreement together; it is important for the Director General to be original, wise and devoted to the job.

Handover Ceremony between Incoming and Outgoing Director General of the Ministry of Health