According to the suspicions, head of the Arad molester former Council worker. The case will be transferred to the national prklitotehiachida for fraud investigations 433 blade recently completed investigation on suspicion of Haifa has committed offenses of sexual harassment and an indecent act against former Council worker when she moved under him between the years 2010-2012.

In the framework of
The various testimonies and investigation carried out varied and detainee interrogation operations Council
The warning, in fact that on several occasions carried out towards the line of action to indecent deed transfer and harassing her with platitudes and repeated suggestive in nature

Head of investigations and intelligence received the recommendation and 433 blade head researcher that infrastructures developed
Evidence against head of Haifa to committing crimes, sexual harassment and indecent acts. Case.
The investigation will be delivered in the coming days to review and Attorney.

Translated from Hebrew