Recently, the IDF (Zahal) launched a campaign set to bring the IDF (Zahal)’s Official Facebook Page to 200,000 Likes.

Help Us Reach 200K Likes on Facebook!

The official Israel Defense Forces Facebook page was launched on August 2011, and in less then a year, has reached more than 181,000 Likes. Through the page, we try and show the other sides of the IDF (Zahal), those not necessarily reported by the media, while providing you with real-time updates from the field.

Help Us Reach 200K Likes on Facebook!

Many things have happened in Israel though out this year, events such as the Gilad Shalit exchange, in which SFC. Shalit was reunited with his family after five years in Hamas’ prison. Among some of the most heart-warming events that occurred since the page was launched, our Facebook page has also seen an on-going escalation with Gaza, terror attacks at the heart of Israeli communities and thousands of rockets aimed at civilians.

Help Us Reach 200K Likes on Facebook!

SFC Gilad Shalit after returning home

Many lies about Israel have also been debunked since our Facebook page was launched. The page was a platform for us to share what’s really going on in Israel, and not what the traditional media sets on presenting as what’s going on.

Many things in Israel and the Middle East are changing, and we need your help. Share this post to all your friends and encourage them to like the Israel Defense Forces on Facebook. Share the truth- Share us on Facebook.

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