How to Care for Your Pets in At-Risk Areas
​As rockets rain down across Israel, and people find themselves running to shelters to stay safe, we must be concerned for our four-legged friends as well. Following are some tips to keep pets calm during these tense times.

Preparing for a Siren

Domestic pets are often part of the family, and must be treated as thus during these times. In order to ensure that pets can be easily evacuated if necessary, pet owners are advised to gather the following, so that you can bring it with you when the time comes:

  1. Water dish and enough water for 24 hours; Food dish and enough food for 48 hours. Both water and food should be kept in a sealed container, so that it can be easily transported.
  2. Old newspapers and garbage bags so that the animal can take care of its needs.
  3. Short leash and muzzle
  4. Cage so that the pet can be transported. The following information should be on the cage (written on cardboard that’s attached to the cage, wrapped in plastic so that it won’t get ruined):
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Full address
    3. Pet’s name
    4. Pet’s birth year
    5. Your contact information
    6. Vet’s name and phone number
  5. Make sure your pet’s electronic chip and details are updated on the Ministry of Agriculture’s pet registration site and that the following details are on the pet’s collar and/or ID tag:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Full address
    3. Pet’s name
    4. Your contact information

In Case of Home Evacuation

  1. ​Make sure to bring your pet with you if you are evacuated from your home by the Home Front Command.

In the Shelter or Protected Room

  1. ​Keep your dog on a leash in public shelters. Keep your cat in its cage.
  2. Bring the food and water that you prepared for the pet with you.