In a joint IDF (Zahal)-ISA operation, IAF aircraft targeted two terror operatives affiliated with the “Defenders of al –Aqsa” in the southern Gaza Strip. A direct hit was confirmed.

 One of the operatives, Anis Abu Mahmoud el-Anin, born in 1979 in Rafah, was part of the “Defenders of al-Aqsa,” a terrorist group sponsored by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Anis was in the final stages of preparing to carry out a terror attack against Israeli civilians. In the past number of years, Anis, as part of the activity of ”Defenders of al-Aqsa” was involved in a number of attempted terror attacks that included smuggling explosive devices into Israel via the Israel-Egypt border, in addition to directing certain terror activity in Judea and Samaria.                                                                                                                                

In addition, Ashraf Mahmoud Salah, born in 1979 in Rafah, was a member of the Resistance Committees. In the past he had admitted, during an investigation, to transferring two terrorists into Egypt in order to carry out a suicide attack in Israel. Salah was also involved in the buying and selling of weapons.

The IDF (Zahal) will not tolerate any attempt by terrorist groups to harm Israeli civilians and IDF (Zahal) soldiers, and will continue to operate with strength and determination against those who use terror against the State of Israel.