The IDF (Zahal) Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz concluded his official visit to Canada on Friday. Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was greeted by his Canadian counterpart, General Walt Natynczyk, while the latter emphasized the importance he sees in the visit and the strengthening the security cooperation between the two countries. The CDS hosted Lt. Gen. Gantz to an official dinner, in which his deputy and other senior officers participated.

IDF Chief of the General Staff Concludes Official Visit to Canada

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz meets with his Canadian counterpart, General Walt Natynczyk

“Meeting with the Chiefs of Defence of allied and friendly nations is always time very well spent. We are honored to host Lieutenant-General Gantz and his wife in Ottawa. This is an important opportunity for us to share perspectives on global security issues,” said General Natynczyk. “Our relationship with the Israeli Defense Forces is growing. We will continue to build upon our friendship with practical initiatives of mutual benefit.”

The following day, the two met for an extended “one-on-one” meeting, during which they exchanged views on current security issues.

Following the meeting, the CDS conducted a roundtable panel with representatives from the Ministry of National Defence and senior officers from the Canadian military. During the panel Lt. Gen. Gantz gave a detailed brief regarding the current challenges in the Middle East, the radical elements which carry negative influence on the area, and the existing trends in light of the changes that several countries in the Middle East have faced over the course of the past year. The panel ended with a discussion on the current fields of cooperation between the Canadian military and defense establishment and the MOD and the IDF (Zahal).

IDF Chief of the General Staff Concludes Official Visit to Canada

Lt. Gen. Gantz and Gen. Natynczyk attend the Ceremony of Remembrance

During the visit, both Lt. Gen. Gantz and Gen. Natynczyk took the opportunity to attend the Ceremony of Remembrance at the “Book of Remembrance” in Parliament. The CDS expressed his wish to visit Israel in the near future.

The visit was significant, and included important discussions regarding global and military challenges. It was yet again evident that the relations between Lt. Gen. Gantz and the CDS, as well as between the two countries, were warm and sincere.