In recent years, as the Hamas terrorist organization has increased its aggression towards Israel, the IDF (Zahal) has created new methods of combating the smuggling attempts and sometimes daily rocket fire attacks. One of those methods is the Elite Unit called Yahalom or Diamond is an abbreviation of “Special Operations Engineering Unit”.


“We are the underground warriors,” explains senior unit commander. Soldiers from ‘Yahalom’, are specially trained to help locate smuggling tunnels, defuse bombs and use live ammunition to fight underground. The unit trains in a facility that was modeled after the design and layout of the Gaza Strip, simulating civilian buildings under which exist an extensive tunnel maze.

IDF Elite Unit Combats Hamas Smuggling Tunnels

The commanding officer stressed:

“As experts in the field, we ‘wrote the book’ explaining how to locate a terrorist tunnel, how to access it and if necessary how to neutralize any terrorists and/or explosive threat. Hamas has established an extensive network of tunnels, but we have learned and are prepared for any confrontation.”