IDF (Zahal) forces arrested seven terror suspects in Nablus where soldiers also uncovered illegal weapons including a large explosive device and gas and shock grenades in the course of operational activity.

Soldiers from the Givati Brigade’s Shaked Battalion seized a cache of illegal weapons Sunday night during the course of operational activity in Nablus. Among the weapons were a large explosive device, a hunting rifle and gas and shock grenades.

The explosive device was discovered after one of the arrested terror suspects confessed to its existence and location. “In the course of an arrest, we received information that there was an explosive device hidden near our location,” said Shaked Company Commander Major Cohen.

“We received a change in mission and navigated to a storehouse which led off from one of the alleys – there we found the device. Bomb disposal soldiers came to detonate the device. My assessment is that it was a large explosive. Though [finding the explosive] was not the original mission that we were sent on, the force was able to adopt the necessary flexibility required of us in a dynamic area such as this.”

IDF Forces Uncover Illegal Weapons During Operational Activity

Improvised terrorist explosive device.

The remaining weapons were found in the home of a terror suspect from the Tanzim terrorist organization. The man was found in possession of a hunting rifle, gas and shock grenades, gunpowder and ammunition.

IDF Forces Uncover Illegal Weapons During Operational Activity

Illegal weapons found in the home of Palestinian terror suspect in Nablus.

Lieutenant Raviv, whose reconnaissance company soldiers discovered the weapons said: “In the search that we conducted in the home we found additional weapons, hidden in cupboards and under mattresses. It was a relatively large quantity of weapons.”