IDF Heroes: One Dedicated Soldier’s Story from Operation Protective Edge

Every armed conflict has its victims and its heroes. During Operation Protective Edge, the most recent IDF (Zahal) operation in the Gaza Strip, many soldiers fought bravely to defend the State of Israel. But there were a few who stood out for their service and exceptional behavior.

During Operation Protective Edge, Sgt. Itamar and his company were sent to check a structure suspected of being used by Hamas terrorists in the agricultural zone of Gaza. The terrorists, hidden inside the building, opened fire on the company while they were scouring the area. While the soldiers of his company took cover, Sgt. Itamar quickly decided to defend his friends and fellow soldiers and returned fire.

For his exemplary actions, Itamar was decorated by the commander of the Southern Regional Command, Gen. Sami Turgeman. In all, 53 citations were awarded to IDF (Zahal) soldiers for their outstanding service.