The IDF’s Ground Forces launched a special medical institute which will give advanced medical treatment to IDF combat soldiers. The institute will conduct research in all of the different aspects of health in operational service, from preventing injuries and incidents typical to combat service to continuous rehabilitation treatments.   

Besides giving medical treatment, the institute will be a national academic center for diagnosis and assessment. Its job is to provide full and comprehensive treatment to  combat soldiers in order to improve the quality of their service.

The institute performs exams and checks including hip rotations made by an Inclinometer and muscle length checks. Those checks are made to predict potential problems.

In the Romberg’s test, medical staff use a Biodex machine to test the balance of the soldiers while they are standing on one foot, eyes closed and hands crossed, and measure how much time the soldier can maintain his balance.

IDF Opens Cutting-Edge Medical Institute to Care for Combat Soldiers

IDF soldier preforming the Romberg test

In the LESS test (landing error scoring system), a soldier must jump twice, the first time to pass the distance of his own height and in the second time as high as he can. The whole test is photographed and is then reviewed by a physiotherapist.

IDF Opens Cutting-Edge Medical Institute to Care for Combat Soldiers

“We want to strengthen medical care at the combat level,” said Chief Medical Officer Brig. Gen. Prof. Itzik Kraise. “Our mission is to maintain the health of combat soldiers, and the institute needs to take us there, through connecting combat soldiers and physiotherapists, orthopedics, and the academic world.”

“The institute and the impact it is about to make are not self-evident,” added Chief of the Infantry and Paratroopers Corps Brig. Gen. Itay Virub. “For the first time, the institute allows us to diagnose a fighter not by his injury, but by his mission. In its essence, the institute contributes to the spirit of our fighters.”

Special #IDF medical institute designed to study and predict potential problems for combat soldiers.