Following the shooting of an IDF (Zahal) soldier in Hebron, forces seized weapons in the area and arrested suspects. The forces are conducting a broad investigative operation in connection with the shooting.

Last night, September 22, Sergeant Gabriel Kobi – age 20, from Tirat Hacarmel – was shot while performing routine activity in Hebron. Sgt. Kobi was evacuated to a hospital in Israel where he died of his wounds. After the shooting, IDF (Zahal) forces uncovered two rifles during searches in Hebron. The forces seized the weapons and detained two Palestinians for questioning.

Forces are conducting a broad investigative operation in Hebron in connection with the shooting. The IDF (Zahal) will continue to employ the necessary means – both operational and intelligence – to apprehend those responsible for this deadly attack.

Following the shooting, IDF (Zahal) Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz conducted a special assessment of the incident in coordination with GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon.

Speaking at an event for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot on Monday afternoon, Lt. Gen. Gantz referred to the attack and to the kidnapping and murder of Sergeant Tomer Hazan. He said: ”Such attacks remind us that even at times when everything seems quiet, the IDF (Zahal) and its commanders are constantly facing a tense operational reality. These two tragic events don’t imply a trend, and we are operating to make sure it won’t escalate to one by reinforcing our forces in the area and standing guard. I have no doubt we will lay hands on the perpetrators and operate to the best of out abilities to maintain the safety of the civilians of Israel.”

Following the shooting incident, movement in the immediate Hebron vicinity was temporarily restricted in order to prevent the perpetrators from fleeing the city. IDF (Zahal) forces carried out an extensive search, alongside intelligence efforts to locate the terrorist or terrorists responsible for the attack.

IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai commented on the IDF (Zahal)’s investigation in the neighborhood of Jabel Johar, part of the Hebron area. “This is a neighborhood near a Jewish community,” Brig. Gen. Moredechai stated. “There are searches and intelligence efforts being conducted there in order to arrest the shooter or shooters. It was decided – in light of several events being held on the [Jewish] holidays in Judea and Samaria – to continue these events as planned despite the tragic events.”

While speaking of the kidnapping and murder of another IDF (Zahal) soldier, Sgt. Tomer Hazan, earlier this week, Brig. Gen. Moredechai said there is an effort to prevent the illegal entry of infiltrators into Israel.

Brig. Gen. Mordechai stressed that in Hebron there were no abnormal disturbances apart from the shooting. “In recent years, there has been calm as a result of the work of Israeli security forces. We will continue efforts to maintain the calm,” he stated. “Our assessment is that we are dealing with isolated events – regarding both the murder of Sgt. Tomer Hazan and the incident [in Hebron]. We do not see any changes in trend. We will continue with great preparedness and will not give up our efforts to keep the residents of the State of Israel safe.”

Last night, IDF (Zahal) forces arrested ten suspects in Judea and Samaria: three suspects in Nablus; five north west of Ramallah; one in Ramallah; and one in Silwad. All the suspects are under investigation by Israeli security forces.

The IDF (Zahal) has notified Sgt. Koby’s family of the soldier’s death. The IDF (Zahal) promoted Sgt. Koby posthumously to the rank of Staff Sergeant.