Post updated at 6:05 pm.

This afternoon, the IDF (Zahal) thwarted a major terror attack at the Israel-Egypt border. Three terrorists armed with weapons and explosive belts crossed into Israeli territory and were targeted by IDF (Zahal) forces in the area.

One IDF (Zahal) soldier was killed in the exchange of fire: Cpl. Netanel Yahalomi, 20, from Nof Ayalon. Another IDF (Zahal) soldier was seriously wounded. Their families have been notified.

The terrorists’ assault began when they opened fire on an IDF (Zahal) artillery force that was stationed along the border to protect the construction of the border fence. IDF (Zahal) forces from the Caracal Battalion, a co-ed infantry unit that was stationed nearby, opened fire and killed all three terrorists.

No terrorists managed to infiltrate farther into Israel beyond the border area.

IDF Thwarts Major Attack on Israel-Egypt Border

A gun carried by one of the terrorists on the Israel-Egypt border.

The incident this afternoon on the Israel-Egypt border was one of a number of major attacks in the area in recent months. In August, terrorists in Sinai stormed an Egyptian military post near the town of Rafah, killed more than 15 Egyptian soldiers and captured an armored personnel carrier (APC) and a truck filled with explosives. The vehicles then drove into Israel, where they were stopped by IDF (Zahal) forces before they could attack Israeli civilians.

In July, terrorists opened fire on a bus carrying soldiers near the border. There were no injuries, but the bus was damaged. And in June, an Israeli civilian was killed and two others wounded in an cross-border attack.