The National Information Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office, today held the annual seminar for spokespersons from – inter alia – Government ministries and emergency agencies, which focused on "information and spokespersons’ work in time of emergency." Today’s seminar was in the framework of national emergency week, which will be held on 26-30 May 2013.

The seminar was held as part of ongoing preparations to improve preparedness in the Government information and spokespersons network for emergency events. Today’s participants were briefed on operational concepts for information networks in time of emergency, with emphasis on strengthening liaison and coordination between government spokespersons, professional agencies and local authorities.

Today’s seminar was scheduled some time ago and is held on an annual basis, without any relation to events in the international, security and diplomatic spheres.

Participating in today’s seminar were Home Front Protection and Communications Minister Gilad Erdan, National Information Directorate head Liran Dan, National Information Directorate senior executive Yarden Vatikay, representatives of the IDF Spokesperson’s Office and Home Front Command, Home Front Protection Ministry officials and dozens of spokespersons from government ministries, local authorities, infrastructure agencies, emergency and rescue agencies, etc.

Minister Erdan said, "We need to bring about a situation in which civilians as well are optimally prepared. Part of emergency preparedness is getting ready on the level of communications and delivering accessible, reliable and timely information to the public. This is an operational need and is part of the mission. Thus we will be able to conduct an event with due consideration, with the public receiving the information it needs."

Today’s seminar also featured a professional panel on the issue of information and spokespersons’ work in time of emergency. The participants included – inter alia – senior officials from the Israel Police, the IDF Censor, the association of local authority spokespersons and the Health Ministry. The panel was chaired by Government Press Office Director Nitzan Chen.