In response to the barrage of mortar shells and the Qassam rocket fired into Israel yesterday, the Israel Air Force struck and identified hitting four targets in the Gaza Strip in a joint IDF (Zahal)-ISA operation. One terror tunnel in the central Gaza Strip and two smuggling tunnels in the Rafah Border area and one weapons-manufacturing facility in Gaza City were among the targets.

The terror tunnel was intended to be used for infiltration into Israeli territory in order to execute a terrorist attack against Israeli citizens or IDF (Zahal) soldiers. The tunnel was dug a kilometer away from the security fence.

More than 280 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel since the end of Operation Cast Lead and more than 750 hit Israel in the whole of 2009. Throughout 2008, prior to Cast Lead, over 3300 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The IDF (Zahal) will not tolerate the firing of rockets by terrorist organizations at Israel and will continue to respond against any attempt to disrupt the calm in Israels southern communities.