The month started off with terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula killing 15 Egyptian soldiers, stealing vehicles and crossing into Israel. Since then, things haven’t been much quieter. Rocket fire from Gaza continues, and the IDF (Zahal) faces daily security challenges in Judea and Samaria. Here’s what the IDF (Zahal) was faced with in August 2012.

According to a monthly report published by the Shin Bet, there were 51 terrorist attacks in August: Two from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, 9 in Jerusalem, 19 in Judea & Samaria and 21 in the Gaza area. These attacks included rockets, mortars, firebombs and more.

August 1: 20 Years of Saving Lives Abroad
It’s been 20 years since the establishment of the IDF (Zahal) Home Front Command – 20 years of taking care of civilians from Israel and abroad. Search-and-rescue teams from the IDF (Zahal) Home Front command have saved thousands of lives in the aftermath of natural disasters. Watch the video portraying the work of the Home Front Command at its best.

August 6: Major terror attack on Israeli-Egyptian border thwarted
A terrorist squad from the Gaza Strip crossed into the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, killed 15 Egyptian soldiers and took over an APC and a truck filled with explosives. The terrorists then attempted to infiltrate the Israeli border. Due to the quick response of IDF (Zahal) soldiers in the area, no civilians or soldiers were killed. For further information.

Israel Defense Forces: August 2012

The burning vehicle that the terrorist squad took over and attempted to breach the Israeli border with, after it’s been attacked by IAF airctrafts.

August 15: Introducing the history of the IDF (Zahal) on Facebook
The Israel Defense Forces officially launched its history timeline on Facebook. From heroic commanders and bold rescue operations to touching aid delegations and historic peace treaties – you can find them all, now on Facebook. Go check it out!

Israel Defense Forces: August 2012

August 20: Birthright chefs cook for IDF (Zahal) soldiers
On the final day of their 10-day adventure in Israel, more than 40 participants of a Birthright group, consisting of chefs, culinary students and food enthusiasts, arrived at an IDF (Zahal) base to cook for more than 200 IDF (Zahal) soldiers from the canine unit Oketz. Read more here.

August 28: First day of school in Israel
Three rockets fired from Gaza struck Israel as two million kids across the country started their first day of the new school year.

Israel Defense Forces: August 2012