​The tender includes excavating and cleaning up the polluted layers of the Kishon riverbed after decades of neglect. It was published on June 23, 2012 in the "The Economist" magazine, and the following day in the Israeli press. The treated riverbed mud will become the base for new park in the Kishon area. Additional tender, for building the new route of the river, was published a week ago.

​An international tender for digging up and cleaning the contaminated riverbed of the Kishon is officially on its way. Two and a half meters of toxic mud will be removed from the seven kilometer long river and then transferred to a treatment facility through a sealed pipe. The soil will go through an environmentally friendly biologic process that will produce clean soil and, after it has been tested to be free of contamination, will be returned as soil for the future Kishon River Park.
First massive cleanup since the 1930s’
The Kishon River, considered in the past to be the most polluted river in Israel, is undergoing a process of advanced recovery during the last years. Results can already be seen as several fish species, river turtles, birds and even rare plants are thriving in the once unlivable conditions of the Kishon River.
A special Israeli Government decision, led by Environmental Protection Minister Mr. Gilad Erdan, led to the massive cleanup project that will continue for three consecutive years, and will clean the Kishon river bed for the first time since the industrial pollution started during the 1930’s. The project will be managed jointly by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Kishon River Authority and the Kishon Drainage Authority.
The new clean-up tender comes as an addition to the previous one (published a week ago) for the establishment of the new route for the Kishon River and sealing the old river route after the contaminated soil has been excavated.
The detailed recovery process was revealed to the general public during a conference convened prior to the release of the recent initiative. Minister Gilad Erdan was in attendance at the conference.
Environmental Protection Minister, Mr. Gilad Erdan commented: "This is a project of historic significance, which will ultimately provide the public with a newly-cleaned river and a spacious park. We are fixing the wrongdoings of the past that have caused decades of contamination to the Kishon River."
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