The Israeli national pavilion at Vibrant Gujarat 2015 entitled "Israel Innovation in India" exhibits ongoing Indo-Israeli cooperation and showcases advanced Israeli technologies in the fields of agriculture and homeland security.

 Israel participates in Vibrant Gujarat 2015


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(Embassy of Israel, Delhi)

The Israeli national pavilion entitled “Israel Innovation in India” exhibits ongoing Indo-Israeli cooperation and showcases advanced Israeli technologies in the fields of agriculture and homeland security. Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir heads the Israeli delegation to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, accompanied by Gil Haskel, Head of MASHAV, Israel’s Agency of International Development Cooperation, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and representatives from various Israeli companies.

In addition, two professional events organized by the Embassy of Israel in India will take place during the Summit: the first, a seminar on “Water Recycling, Irrigation Panel, Post-Harvest Management and Dairy,” and the second a seminar on “Innovation and Technology in Food Processing for Sustaining Food Security” where Minister Shamir will be the keynote speaker.

Advanced Israeli technologies already being implemented in India include drip irrigation, polyhouses, sophisticated water management and control systems. In the field of dairy, Israel will showcase advanced methods to increase milk productivity of cows. In HLS, Israel will present some of the most cutting edge technologies aimed at making India’s cities safer.

 Israel participates in Vibrant Gujarat 2015

During Vibrant Gujarat 2015, Israel and India signed a Joint Declaration on the commencement of the third phase of the Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project, further strengthening and widening the bilateral agricultural development cooperation between the two countries. In the current three-year work plan, Israel and India are in the process of establishing 29 centers of excellence for agriculture in 10 Indian states, including Gujarat.

The agreement was signed in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, by Head of MASHAV Ambassador Gil Haskel and Mr. Sanjeev Chopra, Joint Secretary, India’s Mission for Integrated Development in Horticulture (MIDH), in the presence of Israel’s Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir and the Minister of State of Agriculture of India Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundariya (January 11). The Ministers praised the Indo-Israel cooperation in Agriculture (IIAP), which has become a strong platform for achieving national goals such as diversification of crops, increasing productivity and optimizing the use of resources through the introduction of relevant, innovative Israeli technologies.

During a special meeting which took place at the Summit in Gandhinagar, Israeli Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir and Minister of Food Processing Industries, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, expressed their intention to establish a joint working group on agriculture and food processing to examine new crop diversification techniques which could be effectively used in India.

 Israel participates in Vibrant Gujarat 2015

From right to left: The Head of MASHAV; Israel’s Minister of Agriculture; India’s Minister of Food Processing Industries; and Israel’s Ambassador to India; holding fresh produce grown on one of the Indo-Israel MASHAV Centers of Excellence
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Gujarat  and Israel share much in common, from having arid land and the challenge of water scarcity, to being vibrant and a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. The ongoing mutual endeavors between Israel and Gujarat include projects in agriculture, industrial research and development, solar and thermal power, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, water recycling and water desalination plants. Netafim – World’s largest drip irrigation company is headquartered (in India) in Vadodara and many farmers in the state are benefiting from the use of Israeli techniques. 
Israel has for long played a major role in the water sector, evolving from a nation of limited natural resources to a significant player in global sustainability. Israeli government and companies have worked together to effectively handle and maximize these limited water resources. This holistic approach has resulted in considerable innovation and advancement in the field of water management. Israel, also has considerable experience in the field of water desalination. Israeli companies have developed a range of innovative technologies geared to maximizing desalination efficiency.

Some of the Israeli companies participating in this summit are Naandan Jain, ARI Optimal Flow Solutions, Palgey Maim, ABZagri, Eshet Eilon, Bermad, Match Genetics, Netafim, Afimilk, Amiad Water Systems, IDE Technologies, Ayala, Arad Group, Dorot Matholding Group, Aqwise, EnerT, Ormat, Elbit Systems, Opgal, Adama, Rivulis Irrigation, Ginegar, BioBee, Top Greenhouses, Stepac, NRGene, SCR, Galcon, Watergen, and Aeronautics.