Israel has helped set up 29 centers of excellence throughout India as part of its bilateral cooperation in agriculture. Ambassador Daniel Carmon hopes to see these centers emerge into self-sustaining farms providing produce to the country’s markets.

 Israel sets up 29 centers of excellence in India


Copyright: Embassy of Israel, Delhi

(Embassy of Israel, Delhi)

As part of Indo-Israeli bilateral cooperation, Ambassador Carmon recently visited the newly established Center for Cut Flowers in Tamil Nadu – the first such center for cut flowers in India, which will provide training, technology and expertise to the farmers of the region. He plans to return in a few months to inaugurate the center, once it is up and running, producing, and training.

Tamil Nadu ranks first among the flower producing states of India, accounting for 25% of the country’s flower production, and several species of flowers are cultivated and marketed to distant destinations. The region therefore has great potential for the production of high-value flowers for domestic consumption and for export.

Ambassador Carmon noted that 10,000 farmers have already benefitted from the centers of excellence. With Phase II of Agriculture Cooperation coming to an end, the future of bilateral cooperation will involve conceiving a plan of action, identifying new Indian states as well as setting up more centers in existing states, and identifying future technologies.