The IDF (Zahal), in cooperation with the ISA and Israel Police, exposed and arrested Fatah-Tanzim terror operatives from Qalandia and Ar-Ram. On December 21, 2012, these operatives infiltrated the Rama military base in northern Jerusalem, attacked an IDF (Zahal) soldier and fled with his weapon. They were arrested soon afterwards.

Arrested operatives:

Aiad Fathi Mustafa Khader – born 1976, resident of Ar-Ram, Fatah-Tanzim operative.
Muhammad Said Hasin Matir – born 1981, resident of Qalandia.
Muhammad Ghazi Fares Kassem – born 1988, resident of Qalandia.
Anuar Ismaail Gabarin Abu Zeida – born 1977, resident of Qalandia.

During the ISA’s investigation, the operatives admitted that prior to infiltrating Rama base, members of the cell had carried out a number of reconnaissance missions to collect intelligence about the base and to determine when its guards changed shifts. Aiad Khader, Muhammad Kassem and Anuar Abu Zeida participated in the assault and robbery of the soldier’s weapon. Muhammad Matir, who had participated in the reconnaissance missions prior to the event, drove the getaway vehicle during the operation.

They also revealed during the investigation that on November 20, 2012, the cell was involved in the theft of a weapon from the guard house at the entry of Maale Michmash, in the Binyamin region.

On January 27, 2013, the military court in the Yehuda region submitted indictments against those who were involved in the December 21 attack and robbery at Rama, and in the December 12 robbery at Maale Michmash.

The exposure of the cell has already prevented further violent activity in the region.