An IDF (Zahal) and ISA joint operation led to the discovery of the body of a murdered IDF (Zahal) soldier. The murderer confessed to having planned to use the body to bargain for the release of his brother imprisoned for involvement in multiple terror attacks.

Yesterday, September 20, at approximately 10 p.m., a report was received concerning the disappearance of an IDF (Zahal) soldier – Sergeant Tomer Hazan, age 20 – who hadn’t contacted his family since the morning.

Following the report, an ISA (Israel Security Agency or Shin Bet Security Service) intelligence operations room was established in cooperation with the Israel Police and the IDF (Zahal).

The intelligence operation lead by the ISA, unveiled that Nadal Amer, a 42 year old Beit Amin/Qalqilya resident who had previously worked with Sgt. Hazan to Sha’arei Tikva, a town near Amer’s residence.

Upon discovering that, the ISA, IDF (Zahal) and Israel Police arrived at the Amer family residence in Beit Amin/Qalqilya in order to apprehend Nadal Amer and his brother, who were then taken for questioning by the ISA.

During the ISA investigation, Amer confessed to having persuaded Sgt. Hazan to follow him to the area of his residence on Friday morning, September 20.

During the questioning, Amer confessed to leading Sgt. Hazan to an open area north of the village of Siniria, where he murdered the soldier and concealed his body in a water well.

In his investigation, Amer added that the motive for murdering the soldier was to trade his body for the release of his brother – Nur Al Din Amer – a Tanzim Fatah terrorist imprisoned since 2003 for his involvement in several terror attacks.

This morning, Amer led security forces to the location of the concealed body.

IDF (Zahal) representatives have notified Sgt. Hazan’s family.

IDF (Zahal) Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner stated: “This is a horrific terrorist attack carried out by one murderer trying to free another. The IDF (Zahal) will continue to battle the agents of evil wherever they are, to safeguard the Israeli way of life.”

The investigation is ongoing, additional detentions of individuals suspected for involvement in the incident are anticipated.