Joint Operation Foils Suicide Bombing Attempt

In a joint IDF (Zahal) and ISA operation, five suspects were arrested during October-November of this year for planning to execute a suicide bombing in the Tel-Aviv area, as well as several other terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

According to the self-confessions of the perpetrators during the ISA investigation, Jenin resident Yasmin Sha’aban, planned to carry out a suicide attack using an explosive belt hidden under her clothing while disguised as a pregnant Israeli woman. Ms. Sha’ban and her cohorts – all from the Tulkarm area –  intended to obtain an entry permit to Israel under false medical pretenses.

During the arrest, an M-16 assault rifle was confiscated, as well as a shotgun, ammunition and chemicals used to make explosives.

Joint Operation Foils Suicide Bombing Attempt

During the investigation, the perpetrators also confessed their intention to gain access to an apartment often used by illegal workers to plan and carry out the suicide attack. Additionally, the perpetrators confessed to communicating with a terrorist in the Gaza Strip who was to aid them in making the explosive belt. The attack was to be carried out under the responsibility of both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The perpetrators also confessed to planning other terror attacks, such as shootings, detonating a bomb in a bus crowded with soldiers, and abducting a soldier.

Joint Operation Foils Suicide Bombing Attempt

Menadel Tekaz and Yasmin Sha’aban were charged in the military court in Samaria with conspiracy to commit murder, membership in an illegal organization. Charges will be filed against the other perpetrators in the near future.

This investigation sheds a light on the high functioning terror infrastructure that continuously plots against Israel, and the growing motivation to harm Israeli civilians, especially following Operation Protective Edge, with assistance and direction from terror operatives in the Gaza Strip.

Joint Operation Foils Suicide Bombing Attempt


  • Menadel Mupak Tupik Tekaz (22), resident of Attil, arrested on 10/26/14.
  • Ma’ataz Mupak Tupik Tekaz (20), resident of Attil, arrested on 11/3/14.
  • Yasmin Tisir Abed Al-rahman Sha’aban (31), born in Jenin, arrested on 11/3/14.
  • Abed Al-Halak Ha’ashem Abed Al-charim Masimi (22), resident of Attil, arrested on 11/5/14.
  • Maruan Mahmud Mahmed Tzedki (20), resident of Attil, arrested on 11/24/14.