Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this evening asked representatives of the medical residents to wait several days in order to evaluate proposals that were raised at their meeting.

Israel Medical Association Chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman and his deputy, Dr. Tsaki Ziv-Ner, also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, which was held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem and lasted for over two hours, the residents’ representatives explained the problems associated with the continuation of the agreement and in their working conditions.  Prime Minister Netanyahu responded that he understands the residents’ distress.  This was the first such meeting held by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also stressed the importance that he attributes to the sacred work of those in the medical profession in Israel.  He told the residents that he has been deeply impressed by their desire to ensure fair working conditions for doctors in the public health system.

The residents’ representatives promised that they would respond to the Prime Minister’s proposal after consulting with their medical colleagues.