Arrested 2 suspects had knives and suspected were about to carry out sting against fighters near mchplabium cave Friday thwarted stabbing against majestic warriors near the tomb of the Patriarchs. A Palestinian who came to the inspection of the border raise suspicion and detained. A search conducted on his body was found with a suspected was going to carry out an attack against the fighters instead. No casualties among combatants. The suspect, 15-year-old resident of Dura, Hebron district, was arrested for further investigation.

Later activity of jungle fighters in Abu Dis near Jerusalem emerged at a car that tried to run over one of the fighters. The Warrior managed to escape from the car but was injured in the leg. The fighters made firing at the vehicle but he managed to escape.

On Saturday, an attack against puncture from fighters. Palestinians who came to stand nearby crusader of the Patriarchs was suspected fighters stationed on site. They called her to stop but she continued to advance towards them. The Warriors managed to seize the suspect and caught a kidney to her about suspected was going to stab attack against the troops in place. No casualties among combatants. The suspect, 27 year-old resident of Yatta, near Hebron, was detained for further questioning in SJ.

Translated from Hebrew