Following reports in the suspicious residents detained fighters caught in possession of a knife. During interrogation said he plans to make pigoamullch
Forces a border patrol unit 101 North in the dawn NOF Zion in Jerusalem, reported some
From local residents about a suspicious character watching houses instead. The fighters noticed that his right hand is hidden
Behind the wall fence.

The cops stay away,
And when asked the suspect to show his hands, the’re tight right hand in boxing. The officers requested
Opening his hand, and he refused. Of a diversion, one of the officers jumped into the suspect and grabbed
His hand. The policemen took him and search found a knife hidden in her sleeve. The suspect, a resident of
Jabal mukabber, for questioning in advance. During interrogation admitted planning to carry out an attack.

“I urge residents to continue to discover animation.
And to report to the police about 100 anyone suspicious, “said the Commander, space life ♣ נצ״מ” alertness of the residents and the quick response
And determination of the police prevented attacks on innocent people.
We arranged with many powers in the field of space and the County Police alertness and vigilance level operational
And ready to respond quickly to any תרחיש״.

“The activity determination of the team alongside alertness
Residents prevented a stabbing risk “, said Eyal Ben-Simon, a sergeant major.
The detective dawn 101 North. “We will continue to act with professionalism and determination for the safety of
Residents and visitors to the capital.

Translated from Hebrew