Every year, over 500 people commit suicide in Israel.
Over 6,000 people per year attempt suicide.
Populations for which suicide rates are particularly high: youths, the elderly, immigrants from Ethiopia immigrants for the Commonwealth of Independent States.
International Suicidality Data

  • Some one million people commit suicide annually around the world (in most of the world, the number of suicides is on an upwards trend).
  • In recent years, various countries have commenced the implementation of a suicidality prevention program, and succeeded in significantly reducing suicide rates (including: Britain, Japan, Scotland, Germany, Finland, and other European Union countries).
It should be noted that the number of suicides has become smaller in places (in Israel and overseas) in which governmental / professional bodies took responsibility for dealing with the phenomenon and acted in a proactive, systematic, methodical manner over time.
The National Program for Suicide Prevention

In December 2013, a Government Resolution was approved, as follows:
  • Suicide prevention was declared to be a national interest, to be dealt with jointly by government ministries and authorities, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health.
  • It was resolved to operate a national suicide prevention program, with the aim of reducing suicides and suicide attempts and assisting families whose love ones have committed suicide.
The program was formulated following an inter-ministerial committee that assessed the issue of suicide prevention, and following a pilot program that was conducted in a number of cities. Furthermore, following the committee, the Ministry of Health established the Suicide Prevention Unit, which will be charged with the implementation of the national suicide prevention program.
Marking World Suicide Prevention Day