This publication is a result of the work of the German Committee, which requested the data from all hospitals. ​Minister of Health Yael German: “I believe in transparency as a value and as a means for improving the efficiency of the system”.

  • This document displays and details waiting times for elective surgery in general public hospitals in Israel for the fourth quarter of 2013.
  • The rationale for the measurement process, the manner in which the data were collected and the methodology, the results of the reporting, professional explanations of the reports and reservations raised by the hospitals regarding the data will be detailed.
  • It should be emphasized that the measurements were of waiting times for elective surgery only, i.e. operations that are not urgent. Urgent surgery (in which the patient arrived via the emergency room) is not included in this document.
  • Twenty five general public hospitals that conveyed data are included in this report.
  • The two Hadassah hospitals are not included in this document; they did not convey reports due to operational difficulties in the first half of 2014.
  • This document was written with the participation of Yair Mishmor CPA, Ms. Shlomit Karpibka Levin, Dr. Vered Ezra, Dr. Sigal Liverant Taub and Ms. Ziona Haklai.