The Director General of the Ministry of Health and a team from his office met today with heads of local government authorities in the South regarding the completion of OPV vaccines (for children in the south). ​

During the meeting, Prof. Roni Gamzu provided an update regarding the findings discovered in recent months in the sewerage systems and in testing of fecal specimens taken from residents of the South. Prof. Gamzu told of the Ministry’s preparations for a possible move to complete vaccinations. The local government authority heads expressed their willingness to throw their weight behind this and to assist a move to complete vaccinations in any way possible. In case it is decided to go ahead, they asked to be provided with all updated information, and to assist in distributing it and to arrange the required coordination. The local government authority heads praised the Ministry of Health for its carefully considered, professional and collaborative mode of action.
The local government authority heads asked the Director General of the Ministry of Health consider whether the beginning of this vaccination program could be set to coincide with the beginning of the school year.
Afterwards, the Director General and his team met with pediatricians and family physicians of the Southern area from all four HMOs. The meeting was held at Soroka Hospital.
The physicians were presented with the course of events as they unfolded from the time that the virus was discovered in the sewerage system of Rahat until the present, and responses were provided to professional questions. It is emphasized that the physicians expressed their unreserved support for the steps and course taken by the Ministry of Health.
The Director General of the Ministry will consider the various angles that were raised in today’s meetings and will present them to the Minister of Health, after which a decision will be made in this matter.