Clarification regarding the Ministry of Health’s position regarding the use of LED lighting in open public spaces ​

In a review recently performed at the Ministry of Health, it was found that at this point in time, there is insufficient scientific proof indicating a link between exposure to LED lighting and negative effects on human health.
Therefore, and in accordance with what is occurring in other countries of the world, the Ministry of Health finds no justification at this stage in limiting the use of LED lighting or in reducing exposure to this type of lighting within buildings (residences, institutions, etc.).
The luminous intensity of luminaires used in the open public space is much higher than that used within closed buildings. The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety has expressed concern regarding the damage that could be caused to the eye resulting from direct exposure to LED lighting that emits bright light at high luminous intensity. In Ministries of Health in other countries, risks of this type have not been defined, nor have other risks been defined.
Due to the concern that additional information may accumulate in the future, and since the establishment of infrastructures costing millions of shekels necessitates various economic calculations, in contrast to domestic use, the Ministry of Health has taken a conservative approach, so that if it will be discovered (e.g. in a decade from now) that there indeed is a health concern, the authorities will not have to replace all the lighting infrastructures.
In respect to domestic use, this lighting, as mentioned above, is of lower intensity, and it is also not close to the human body, and it therefore (according to currently available information) does not present a danger to health. If in several years’ time we will possess information that points to health concerns, then replacement of lamps (and not of systems and infrastructures) will be simple and easy to implement.
It is emphasized that apart from concern for damage that could be caused to the eye due to direct exposure to high-intensity LED lighting, no causal relation has been found between exposure to LED lighting and any other negative health effects, including cancer morbidity.
The Ministry of Health therefore restates it position that according to the up-to-date scientific information currently available, the use of LED lamps does not involve danger to human health.