Pollution from Bus, Haifa. Photo: Ilan Malester

MoEP Asks City of Kiryat Ono to Relocate Polluting Bus Depot, Away from Kindergartens
Pollution from Bus, Haifa 
Photo: Ilan Malester 
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has contacted the mayor of Kiryat Ono to ask that the Kavim bus company terminus be moved further away from kindergartens, as the pollution from the buses poses a potential health risk to the children. Many of the pollutants emitted from the buses are toxic and/or proven carcinogens, while others cause asthma.

A total of about 150 children are students at kindergartens near the bus depot, through which more than 240 buses pass per day. During a visit to the depot, MoEP professionals found many buses illegally running, even while the buses were idle and no driver was inside, posing an additionally unnecessary health risk to the children.​
The MoEP’s Tel Aviv District office head, Baruch Weber, has ordered Kiryat Ono Mayor Yossi Nesher to put as much distance as possible between the kindergartens and the bus depot.
It should be noted that while there is a high wall between the depot and the kindergartens, that wall does not act as a barrier against air pollution. In some areas, the wall even causes pollutants to concentrate on the side of the kindergartens.
Children are particularly sensitive to air pollution, and therefore particularly vulnerable to any gases emitted from the buses.