MoEP Director General David Leffler Announces Resignation
David Leffler is leaving his post after nearly two years on the job, most of it served under former Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz. During his tenure as director general, Mr. Leffler made significant strides in the field of environmental protection, including: beginning the process of removing the ammonia storage tank from Haifa Bay, establishing the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP)’s Environmental Justice program, and formulating national targets aimed at reducing Israel’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Leffler began serving in his post in August 2013, under then-Minister Peretz. Among his achievements:

  1. A Government Decision in 2014 allocating NIS 250 million for waste management in the southern Bedouin sector. This was part of the MoEP’s "Environmental Justice" program.
  2. Management of the cleanup of the Evrona Nature Reserve, which was contaminated after a massive oil spill in Israel’s southern Arava region in December 2014.
  3. Promotion of a bill to ban the free distribution of plastic bags in supermarkets, aimed at reducing plastic bag consumption in Israel, and preventing the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment.
  4. Promoting the establishment of a government company to deal with issues related to the collapse of the Mediterranean coastal cliffs in Israel.
  5. Heading several inter-ministerial committees, including:
    1. A committee to establish an ammonia plant in southern Israel, which will allow the closure of an ammonia storage tank in the populated Haifa Bay area;
    2. A committee to set a national greenhouse gas reduction target for Israel;
    3. A committee to work on climate change adaptation; and
    4. A committee to set environmental levies on the quarry market.
  6. Successfully opposing an oil shale pilot project in Israel’s Adulam Valley.


​David Leffler: "I feel great satisfaction in the achievements of the MoEP over the past two years. This includes projects that began during the tenure of Amir Peretz and continue today, such as the Environmental Justice program that allocated NIS 250 million for waste management in minority communities, publication of the tender to build an ammonia plant in the south that will lead to closure of the ammonia tank in Haifa, the MoEP’s involvement in solving the housing crisis, treatment of contaminated land belonging to the IDF, dealing with air pollution in Haifa Bay, and promoting the plastic bag law that will soon be voted on in the Knesset (Parliament)."

Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbay thanked Leffler for his hard work over the past two years. "In addition to the excellent results he achieved, David worked for a long period of time without a minister, and knew how to focus and to preserve the ministry. I wish him success in his future endeavors."