​Today’s publication from the Central Bureau of Statistics confirms the data that had been presented to the Board for Strengthening the Public Health System.One of the central issues dealt with by the Board was the ratio of public investment to private spending. 
Whereas the average private expenditure for OECD countries is 28% (on average), in Israel, private expenditure has been increasing in recent years, and is now 40%. This is a worrying situation that needs to be stopped, and the reform proposed in the framework of the Board seeks to achieve this.

A year ago, in the framework of the 2014 budget, we added hundreds of millions of shekels to the public health system budget, and we determined an outline that would gradually increase this until 2016. This, together with budget increases intended to reduce waiting times, will bring about a change in the ratio. However, for so long as we do not make a real reform in private health insurances, which constitute the largest component of private household expenditure, we will not succeed in fulfilling this task.