The Home Front Command was founded 20 years ago, after the Gulf War. Over the years, it has worked to prepare civilians for emergency situations — especially the imminent threat of unconventional warfare. To date, four battalions specializing in ABC warfare have been founded, and more soldiers are constantly being recruited.

Next War: Civilians Under Massive Fire

IDF (Zahal) Home Front Command during an unconventional rocket attack drill

Yesterday, on 20-year mark, Home Front Commander Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg said:

“Today, the goal of our enemy is to exhaust the Israeli population and to weaken our strength as a nation through the use of explosives. Civilians will have to endure prolonged periods of time in bomb shelters, and suffer a harsh blow to their daily lives as well as the economic strength of the country.”

Even today, the IDF (Zahal) must combat an existing missile threat. This video is from March 2012, and it shows part of the everyday life of Israeli civilians: