A report has been received in the Ministry of Health from a medical institution regarding a nitrous oxide (laughing gas – N2O) gas cylinder that has undergone unauthorized conversion and was supplied with an oxygen connecting valve. 
The Ministry of Health has commenced widespread investigations to locate additional canisters of this type.
In order to complete the investigation process, the Ministry of Health asks dentists or other doctors who have gas cylinders in their clinics for medical use to ensure that the gas cylinders in their possession, with an emphasis on nitrous oxide cylinders, are in proper working order and have not undergone any unauthorized conversion.
It is important to note that no mishap or error has been reported to the Ministry of Health in the administration of the gas to patients, but in order to prevent possible error in administration of gas, we request that you act in accordance with the following instructions: 
  1. All dentists who have nitrous oxide gas cylinders in their clinics must contact the supplier in order to check the inventory in their clinics. Make sure that the cylinder head has not undergone conversion.
  2. In the event that a gas cylinder with an inappropriate valve is found, it must not be used, and should be immediately reported to the Ministry of Health at the following email address: pgam@moh.health.gov.il, and in parallel, the cylinder supplier should be immediately contacted in order to have it exchanged.
  3. It is emphasized that no conversions may be made to gas cylinders. Performing conversion or alteration to gas valves on cylinders constitutes a serious offence, and could lead to error in administration of medical gas and injury to patients.
  4. Administration of medical gas has shall be performed only by instruction of the treating doctor, after identification of the label on the cylinder.
It is important to note that this notification relates to nitrous oxide cylinders that are used in clinics by dentists, and are not used by the general public.