Following are relevant data one year after the launch of the Prime Minister’s Office new media channels:


Registered on the PMO Facebook page are 17,400 "likes" (52% male and 44% female), which are updated by the regular newsfeed.

One Year Since the Launch of the Prime Minister's Office New Media Channels

Pictures and status are updated daily in Hebrew, Arabic and English.  Videoclips are shared (after they are uploaded to the PMO YouTube channel).

Over 7 million web users viewed the Facebook updates – which received approximately 47,000 "likes and Comments", most from the US, Israel, Egypt, Canada, Indonesia, the UK and Germany – in the past year.


On the PMO YouTube channel are 107 clips, which registered approximately 290,000 views, approximately 20% from cellular devices.  These data do not include viewings of clips that were produced during ‘world view’ broadcasts or clips that were integrated into the accounts of other users and which received millions of additional views.

The most viewed clip on the channel was "Prime Minister Netanyahu’s greeting for the month of Ramadan" which received over 80,000 views, approximately 60% of which were from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

PMO YouTube channel viewers were 68% male and 32% female
The breakdown of viewers by country (top 10) is: US – 23.4%, Egypt – 17.8%, Israel – 15.0%, Saudi Arabia – 11.0%, UK – 5.2%, Canada – 3.2%, Morocco – 2.6%, Germany – 2.3%, Jordan – 1.8% and France – 1.2%.


750 shared photos, which received over 100,000 direct viewings, were uploaded to the PMO Flickr Photostream in the past year.  Via Flickr, photos were distributed to many media sites and bloggers around the world; viewings are estimated in the hundreds of millions.


The PMO Twitter channel has over 10,000 followers, including 52% female and 48% male.

773 tweets were sent during the year, in Hebrew, English and Arabic.  Some of these were re-tweeted, by approximately 800 followers to millions of additional followers around the world , many of which were quoted on media sites, blogs and other sites.

Please contact PMO New Media Director Dr. Eitan Eliram for additional details.