Opportunity for Israeli Researchers to Partake in Transnational Cultural Heritage Projects

A Call for Pre-Proposals has been published, aimed at advancing research on tangible cultural heritage. The research will be conducted in the framework of the EU’s Heritage Plus project, focused on pooling national expertise and resources and establishing collaboration among States in the field of cultural heritage. The Chief Scientist’s Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) takes part in this project, in an effort to promote research into heritage sites, and to raise awareness, both nationally and internationally, about national heritage sites.

What is Heritage Plus?

​Heritage Plus is part of the Joint Programming Initiative in Cultural Heritage and Global Change. It is co-funded by various agencies in 15 participating countries and the European Commission. Those countries have expressed their consent to work together and to support the promotion of international research regarding cultural heritage. They are: Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Only researchers based in these countries can apply for funding under this project.

​Israel’s minister of environmental protection is the authority in charge of national heritage sites in Israel, in accordance with the National Parks, Nature Reserves, National Sites and Memorial Sites Law (1998). The MoEP is involved in Heritage Plus through its membership in Era-Net Plus, part of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7).

Research Topics

The Heritage Plus call is designed to generate new, research-based knowledge to promote the sustainable use and management of cultural heritage and so, to meet societal challenges and to contribute to the development of society.

Research topics may be on the topics of:

  1. Safeguarding tangible cultural heritage and its associated intangible expressions
  2. Sustainable strategies for protecting and managing cultural heritage
  3. Use and re-use of all kinds of cultural heritage


The call for pre-proposals opened on March 3, 2014. Deadline for submissions will be April 28, 2014.

How to Apply

For announcement, guidelines, pre-proposal template, and FAQ’s, go to JPI’s website: http://www.jpi-culturalheritage.eu/joint-call/

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