A volunteer rescue squad’s scrolls, who witnessed the attack, neutralize the terrorist. “This is an obligation imposed on us נשק”רכב issues
A Palestinian struck this morning (Friday) at the two Israelis who were standing near the bus near Kfar Adumim
Toward the dead sea. Then came the terrorist out of the car and ran towards one of the wounded, but volunteers from
Maaleh Adumim, who witnessed the event, managed to neutralize and prevent injury. The situation of
The Israelis made easy.

“I came out of the unit when I noticed the car deviates sharply from the
Towards the station, “recalls t, a volunteer at the Maale Adumim. “I stopped and saw
Man falls from the vehicle and ran amok towards one percent. I ran to him and shot him a few
Balls. I’d love it if there was not this case, but since the obligation imposed on us.
As armed “.

Station commander
Maaleh Adumim, Deputy Rafi Cohen, praised the volunteer operation, adding that “due to
Security complex reality we arranged with large forces of police and surrounds
Jerusalem, settlements and roads too, quick to respond to any incident.

Translated from Hebrew